BAKUMA (bakuma) Stainless Steel Mini Cutter MC – 200S,Mini Wire Cutters | 【JChere】 "JChere" amazon Proxy Service

BAKUMA (bakuma) Stainless Steel Mini Cutter MC – 200S
BAKUMA (bakuma) Stainless Steel Mini Cutter MC – 200S

BAKUMA (bakuma) Stainless Steel Mini Cutter MC – 200S

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Brand バクマ
Mode MC-200S
Product Weight 320g Shipping Fee Calculator
EAN 4983517070086
About this item
  • Purpose: Mild Steel Wire for cutting tools
  • Cutting material: mild steel wire material [firmness: 80hrb following/tensile strength: 490 N/mm2 below] * Extremely thin material and may not what you are the larger of the stretch material can be completely cut.
  • Max Cutting Capacity: 4.0 mm in diameter
  • Total length: about 216 mm
  • All stainless steel
  • Warning: Because there is a fear of electrocution, power line on the material such as cutting, absolutely will not do. When cutting allows cut material is shatter-proof, or cut the risk to be injured so protective glasses, protective gloves, etc. Be sure to protect the clasp, please. When you work, there are splashes of cut wood with the other person enough not to hitting a lack of attention.
  • Note: Please do not use for cutting materials other than wood cutting. Cutting blade in right angle to be a condition to the cutting material. Please do not Bend Back and Forth or left or right kozixtu. Blade is missing or bend. The Please make sure blade in the middle of the back. It has been cut. The point of the blade to cut in and potentially cause damage to blades. Please consult your parts in the blade from damage, wear, and Slack may not? Please make sure check to ensure you have any abnormal condition and not use fabric softener.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Country of Origin: Japan
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