Receive a large 1,000 Yen red packet upon first use

How to use JChere for Japanese goods proxy purchase

Proxy & Forwarding Service Process
Proxy & Forwarding Service Process
Proxy & Forwarding Service Process
Proxy & Forwarding Service Process

Experience effortless shopping with our service: Japanese products delivered to your door. No language barriers, secure payments, and international shipping.

※ You can freely add forwarding orders to the packages purchased on your behalf, either individually or by consolidating them with other forwarding packages.

  1. You are selecting products.
  2. We make the purchase.
    1. We make the purchase.
    2. Upon arrival of the products, we register them in our warehouse.
    3. You can confirm it on the inbound Packages.
  3. You add a forwarding order.
    1. You can select packages from the inbound Packages, enter your shipping address, and add forwarding orders.
      Choose individually or for shipping together.
    2. We package and calculate charges.
    3. You pay for international shipping and other forwarding costs.
  4. We ship the goods.

There are generally no restrictions on the weight, size, and amount of items.
※ Some stores or products may not support overseas sales; if a product or store does not pass the proxy purchase review, it cannot be purchased. Please be aware of this in advance.
※ For intangible products such as e-books, if a physical version is available, it will be given priority for purchase (which may be second-hand). The resulting price difference will be settled with the nearest forwarding order; if no physical version is available, the item cannot be procured.


1. Proxy purchase(Payment upon submission of proxy purchase application)
Product Price Price of the product
Proxy Purchase Fee
  1. Campaign itemFree(Approximately 1 Billion Products)
  2. 3.5%
Insurance Fee (3% Optional)
2. Forwarding(Pay When Using Forwarding Service)
Within Japan※1 Shipping Fee Shipping Fee from Store to JChere Warehouse primeFree
Product Payment Handling Fee 200 Yen per Store From September 22, 2023mercariFree Event Starts
International Shipping Forwarding Service Fee Shipping Fee Calculator
※1 Within Japan (Shipping Fee + Product Payment Handling Fee): This fee will be settled in the nearest Forwarding order.
  • In the Same Order:
    1. Products from different stores will be dispatched and registered into inventory separately.
    2. For products of the same brand, if purchased from (1) different websites (such as Rakuten, Amazon, etc.); (2) different stores; or (3) the same store, the store may settle and send the orders in batches according to the order content and stock availability. In this case, this fee will be charged in batches. Products may be dispatched and registered into inventory separately.(Specific products that have arrived and are registered in the inventory can be confirmed in the details of the proxy purchase order.)
  • Auction items will be counted based on the number of successful bids: Each auction is treated as an independent purchase (settlement or dispatch within Japan).
  • Why do orders that show free shipping (or free shipping after reaching a certain purchase amount) on the store still incur domestic Japanese fees?
    1. Some stores offer free shipping only with methods like 'unregistered mail' or 'メール便', which do not include parcel tracking or insurance. We will prioritize shipping methods that include tracking.
    2. Stores may independently decide to use other chargeable shipping methods, or some products may not be included in the total purchase amount eligible for free shipping.
When purchasing multiple items, choosing products from the same store and placing them in the same order may reduce this fee.

※ Customs duties may be imposed on the package when it passes through customs in the recipient's country. If customs duties are imposed, you will be responsible for paying them and settling with the local customs authorities.

The insurance fee is 3% of the proxy purchase product price, and the maximum insurance compensation amount is 30,000 yen.

The insurance compensation amount applies to errors in products or quantities sent by the store, and to the value of goods damaged or lost during transportation within Japan.
※ Insurance compensation does not cover damages or losses that occur during forwarding service. ※ Insurance compensation is only for the affected products, or is proportional to the quantity of the affected products. ※ The claim period for compensation is within 14 days after the package is received.

General product proxy purchase: If the difference (price at the time of proxy purchase request - price at the time of actual purchase) / price at the time of proxy purchase request is within 10%, we will continue the proxy purchase process. The difference in product price will be settled in the nearest transshipforwardingment order. If this order still has successfully proxy-purchased products, the proxy purchase process will continue.
※ Products within 2000 yen that exceed the 10% range may still be purchased.
※ The prices of some store's products may be adjusted periodically or irregularly.
※ Proxy purchase orders are processed in sequence during business hours. There may be insufficient or no stock at the time of purchase. Please avoid selecting products from stores with purchase time limits or low stock. For auction item orders that end outside business hours, please complete payment confirmation during business hours. (Proxy purchase business hours (Japan Time): Monday to Friday (10:00-18:00), excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.)
※ If the price at the time of proxy purchasing differs from the price at the time of proxy purchase request and you do not wish to proceed with the purchase, please add in the remarks section: 'Do not wish to purchase if the price changes.'

We will purchase to the maximum extent possible.
※ Store Limitations: Stores limit the quantity of purchase. The reason for store limitations is generally because the store wishes to allow as many customers as possible to access the product, or due to other sales agreement reasons. Please read the sales policy on the Japanese store's website before making a proxy purchase request. When adding a proxy purchase order, please strictly adhere to the store's purchase limits and keep within the limited quantity. Some stores' purchase limitations can only be known at the time of purchase. Please be aware in advance. Do not make multiple purchases of store-limited items.
※ If not specified in the order, noted in remarks, or if the desired color, model, size, etc., of the product are not communicated before entering the proxy purchase process, the purchase will be made based on: (1) the first images of the product in the store; (2) the products that are in stock at the store at that time.

Once you entrust us with the purchase, we will proceed with the buying operation immediately. Therefore, orders cannot be canceled, returned, or exchanged after submitting the proxy purchase request and confirming product payment. Please be aware.

  • From the start of our proxy purchase to the shipment by the Japanese store: generally varies from 2 days to 2 weeks.※1
  • Our inventory registration completion: around 1-2 Japanese business days.

※1 Different stores, or different products from the same store, have varying shipping times. Some stores may need time for stock preparation or pre-orders (Stock Preparation/Advance Sales※2). Store inventory can change at any time, and there may be instances where a store cannot ship on time or is out of stock. Please be aware of this. If timing is important, please read the shipping times on the Japanese store's webpage or confirm with the store directly before making a proxy purchase request.
※2 Stocking/Pre-order sales refer to: The store doesn't have stock when selling. After receiving an order, the store then restocks or arranges for production on consignment/reservation.

The difference between the price at the time of proxy purchase and the price at the time of proxy purchase request, or the amount for products not successfully proxy purchased, will be settled in the nearest transshipment order. The amount of a fully canceled order, to avoid unnecessary losses due to currency conversion, will automatically be added to your account as a recharge balance, which can be used for other proxy purchases or transshipment fees (for orders paid with a balance, the amount will be returned to the recharge balance account). If the settled transshipment order no longer requires payment, its status will automatically change to paid and dispatched. The recharge balance can be confirmed in Recharge Management. If you require a refund via the original payment method, please contact us.
※ Why is the amount refunded according to the original payment method different from the amount paid?
Because all fees are settled in Japanese yen, the exchange rate at the time of payment on the payment platform and the exchange rate at the time of refund may sometimes differ, causing this discrepancy. Please be aware in advance.

  • AlipayAlipay
  • PayPal
    Paypal Visa Master Card UnionPay Discover American Express JCB
    Supports various credit and debit cards (UnionPay, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Discover).
  • Recharge Balance
  • Bank Transfer
※ Products paid for using PayPal can only be shipped to the delivery address specified at the time of PayPal payment. Please note that this delivery information cannot be changed afterwards.

For items purchased through Yahoo, if the following criteria are met, we'll automatically request the store to ship the items together:

  1. All items are from the same purchasing order and from the same store.
  2. The auction end times for all items are within 5 hours of each other.
  3. The store agrees to, and is capable of, providing a combined payment and shipping service, and the items are appropriate for consolidated shipping.

  1. Definition of proxy purchase: The basic principle of proxy purchase service is to buy according to the product information specified by the customer. Our main task is to act as an agent for purchasing and transportation.
  2. Product confirmation is outside the scope of service: Confirmation of the product's place of manufacture, manufacturing methods, processes, shelf life, content composition, product type, quality assurance, authenticity verification, or after-sales service are not within the scope of proxy purchasing services. If the customer is dissatisfied with the purchased product due to issues with shelf life, quality, authenticity, etc., we cannot negotiate with the seller on their behalf for returns or refunds. Once a proxy-purchased product is successfully bought, it cannot be canceled, returned, or exchanged.
  3. The proxy shopping service does not support participating in lotteries, obtaining prizes, or earning points and other discounts through the purchase of items. Additionally, any bonuses, points, or discounts generated on the shopping website during the proxy purchase cannot be used again.
  4. After warehouse registration, you can print the 「Receipt」 from the order page. Shop invoices and other information are no longer provided. If customs require documentation, provide a screenshot of the purchase order or「Receipt」..
  5. Pre-purchase considerations: Before applying for proxy purchasing, customers need to fully understand the above disclaimers and consider them carefully. Apply for proxy purchasing only after confirming the product information. This helps to avoid misunderstandings or dissatisfaction later.

We hope the above explanations help you better understand our proxy purchasing service. We always strive to provide the best service to our customers, but there are some limitations and regulations due to the nature of proxy purchasing. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any other questions or need further clarification, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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