First time using JChere Japan proxy forwarding, receive a 1000 yen big red envelope.

Thank you for your visit, this event has ended.

Event Details:
  • First time using JChere Japan proxy forwarding, receive a 1000 yen big red envelope.
During the event:
  • 2024年0516日12:00 -2024年0531日23:59(Japan Time)
Activity Rules:
  • Conditions for obtaining a red envelope: During the event period, ① use the purchasing and forwarding service , for the first time, and ②receive the event red envelope (not activated) before adding a purchasing order.。
  • Corresponding Proxy Shopping Website:
  • Red packet activation time: 1-2 Japanese business days after the proxy-purchased goods are registered in stock.
  • Customers with previous proxy shopping and forwarding order (regardless of whether the store ships or if they paid during the promotion period but did not claim the red envelope), orders paid for outside of the promotion period or unsuccessful proxy shopping orders cannot obtain the red envelope. Please be advised.
  • If the order is cancelled, you will not receive a red envelope.
  • The red envelope can only be used to pay for forwarding orders containing proxy purchase items. (Cannot be used with other red envelopes, cannot be cashed, deferred, or given change.)
  • Red envelope validity: 30 days from activation date (extension is not possible once the red envelope expires).
  • How to Use Red Envelopes
※ If it is determined that multiple accounts are registered or used for shopping at the same time, the orders will not be eligible for the gift red envelope.
The aforementioned event may be suspended or terminated at any time without further notice 。 The right to interpret this event belongs to JChere.If you have any questions, pleasecontact us.
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