1. Forwarding

  2. Proxy Purchase & Forwarding

  3. DIY Shopping

  4. Tax Refund


Ship Japanese goods purchased on Japanese shopping sites directly to your home with affordable international shipping from Japan.

Cash On Delivery

When the goods arrive, JChere will pay for the goods for you.

Overweight, Oversized

Can transport over 30kg, to 1000kg overweight, oversized packages. Shipping time up to 3-6 days (VIP Super Big Express 1-3 days).

Special Commodity Shipping

Pick up at the Hong Kong Post Office

Hong Kong duty exemption. You can pick it up at any time when you go to Hong Kong for tourism, or when you are on a business trip.

Pick up at the Japanese Hotel

Buy it in advance, and you can bring it back directly when you travel, or travel on business to Japan.
Proxy Purchase & Forwarding

Helps you to buy items from the 3 largest online stores in Japan. Help you to avoid the difficulty of overseas payment and settlement, language barrier. Easy purchase of Japanese products. After the goods are in the JChere warehouse, you can freely transport them home: You can freely add a forwarding order, either directly, or together with other forwarding packages to transport home.

Sites to shop:
DIY Shopping

You can choose any item from any Japanese online store. When you enter the URL of the item, we can help you buy it and deliver it to you. You don't need to know Japanese, and settle international money transfers. In principle, there are no restrictions on the weight, size and amount of the product.

Tax Refund

Every time you buy a product in Japan, you must pay the domestic consumption tax (10% of the product value). According to the relevant provisions of Japan's consumption tax, for products leaving the Japanese border, after certain procedures, the amount of consumption tax that has been paid can be applied for a refund for you.

Provide shopping and forwarding services from Japan to mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam and other countries and regions.
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