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Shipping Fee Calculator

Package Weight g
Dimensions cm(Optional)
Shipping (JPY) Handling Fee International Shipping Fee Total
EMS 150 46300 46450
Premium 0 45601 45601
Premium Flash 0 44435 44435
Airmail 150 52520 52670
Premium 0 52123 52123
Premium Flash 0 51462 51462
Surface Mail 150 15890 16040
Premium 0 15770 15770
Premium Flash 0 15570 15570
Special Express※2 150 46990 47140
Premium ※3 0 45929 45929
Premium Flash ※3 0 44160 44160
  • Displayed amount is in yen per shipped package.
  • PremiumPremium Flash represents the fee after the Premium member discount. If you wish to use the Premium member discount, you can undergo Premium member verification.
  • ※1 e packet is only applicable for Premium members .
  • ※2 Special Express, Super Big, shipping fee is calculated based on the heavier of the package's actual weight or volumetric weight.(Volumetric weight(kg) = Length(cm) × Width(cm) × Height(cm) ÷ 5000 (cm³/kg).Special Express for up to 30kg (including volumetric weight), otherwise, or if exceeding express discount shipping limits, it's classified as Super Big.
  • ※3 Special Express , Super Big Premium member promotional price.
  • This estimate does not include potential tariffs, value-added service fees (forwarding service), or proxy buying service fees (proxy buying service).
  • If a package exceeds 30kg or its dimensions surpass the limits for EMS, Air, SAL, and Sea shipments, or if the mentioned methods cannot transport the package, the system will automatically switch to a special express shipping method for oversized items.
  • The international shipping cost is as indicated on the website, and the actual requested amount corresponds to this shipping cost. The Premium international shipping discount rate and Premium Flash international shipping discount rate are discounted prices based on the aforementioned rate. For Japan Post shipments, the actual requested international shipping amount might differ from the printed cost on the received parcel's Japan Post shipping slip. International shipping fees and Premium discounts are subject to periodic adjustments. Details are determined based on the price calculated during package weighing.
  • The above fees will be effective from January 8, 2024.
Shipping Methods Comparison
time (days)
EMS 2~6 Top-priority international mail service, reaching recipients worldwide in just 2-6 days.
e packet 6~13 Designed specifically for small packages, with lower costs than EMS. Registered air transport method suitable for items not exceeding 2kg, and with a total length, width, and height of less than 90cm. Shipping time is 6 to 13 days. Applicable to Premium members, not applicable to consolidated transfer packages.
Japan Express 5~15 Packaging compliant with shipping restrictions. Supports combined box shipping. Shipped by air, delivery time within 5-15 days. Limits are 2kg/package, longest side up to 60cm, and total of length+width+height within 90cm.
Air 5~15 Using air transportation, goods can be delivered to their destination in a short 5 to 15 days.
Surface 1~2month Using sea freight, transportation can be achieved at a low cost.
Special Express 1~8 Direct flights with dedicated planes for stable shipping speed. Can ship products including headphones, gaming consoles, chargers containing lithium batteries, as well as alcoholic items like whiskey (excluding Mainland China) and other special items. Shipping time: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau: 1-3 days; Mainland China: 1-6 days; USA, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, and other countries/regions: 1-8 days.
Super Big Express 1~8 Applicable for packages over 30kg and of oversized dimensions, capable of shipping special items. Transport time falls within 1-8 days, with a weight range of 30kg-1000kg. There's virtually no limit to the number, value, or size of items inside the package. Among all shipping options, this method caters to the heaviest and largest-sized packages, making it particularly suitable for bulky and oversized items like gas stoves, water heaters, dehumidifiers, speakers, fishing rods, and other special goods.
Reminder:The shipping time is an approximate estimate after the parcel has been dispatched and is for reference only. The actual time needed to receive the package may vary due to factors like flight schedules, quarantine inspections, customs clearance, local delivery conditions, natural phenomena like typhoons, or unforeseen events.Delay information has been released, please refer to: Announcement

Sort transportation time from shortest to longest (theoretically):

  1. Special Express / Super Big
  2. EMS
  3. e packet
  4. Japan Express
  5. Air
  6. Surface

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