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Japan Express

  • Shipping Features:
  • Shipping time: 5-15 days
    • ※ The shipping time is an approximate estimate after the parcel has been dispatched and is for reference only. The actual time needed to receive the package may vary due to factors like flight schedules, quarantine inspections, customs clearance, local delivery conditions, natural phenomena like typhoons, or unforeseen events.
  • Shipping Restrictions:
    • Up to 2kg per package.
    • Longest side within 60cm; Length + Width + Height within 90cm.
    Shipping Restrictions
  • For orders exceeding shipping limits (individual items or consolidated), automatically processed on-sitePackaged according to shipping restrictions
    • Ensure the parcel fits within the shipping restrictions by following the packaging method below:
      1. Separate boxing

        ※ The split-boxing process involves automatically distributing items fairly, mainly based on weight and volume. Please avoid adding too many parcels to a single order.

      2. Replace with a box suitable for this shipment and repack.

      ※ For consolidated orders, please select:“Remove outer package box”Value-added services

      ※ If an additional cardboard box is required, a packaging material fee of 300 yen per box will be charged (including separate boxing).

      ※ The number of parcels sent out may increase.

      ※ Items with complete, exquisite packaging or sets will not be separated into different boxes.

      ※ To comply with shipping restrictions, on-site packaging may alter the value-added services selected in the original order.

    • If the above method is invalid (or partial parcel splitting is invalid), for packages that cannot use this shipping method, the shipping method will automatically change to EMS first.
  • How to Use:
    • When adding an order, please select the shipping method:"Japan Express"。
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